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Welcome to St Christopher's Prep, part of the Brighton College family of schools, located just minutes from the sea in Hove.

St Christopher’s Prep is known for its excellent academic teaching and learning, with a track record of Scholarships to Brighton College and other leading Sussex schools. We are also proud of a tradition of sporting success going back decades, which continues to develop and evolve. Our bright red blazers are instantly recognisable around our city, and have been for nearly one hundred years.

St Christopher’s Prep is very much a family school with numbers that enable a great range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Our children are so lucky to have the opportunity to make use of not only the facilities that the school has, but the beach for outdoor learning and some of the best sporting facilities in the city.

St Christopher’s Prep treats children as individuals, and there is plenty of scope for finding and developing their special talent, whether it is coding, photography, sport or music. Sporting matches against other schools take place from Year 3 upwards, with everyone being given the chance to represent the school.

The world is increasingly digital and it will be even more so by the time our children are adults, so we aim to help them develop key skills such as problem solving and teamwork which will be invaluable in the future.

Please do get in contact to arrange a visit, I look forward to welcoming you to St Christopher’s!


Elizabeth Lyle

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