Netball is a very popular sport at St Christopher's. It's the longest running girls' sport, having started in 1999 with the introduction of girls to the school. As our numbers grew, so did our teams. We have enjoyed a number of successful seasons which include an undefeated 1st team in 2012/13, 2015/16 season and 2019/20 season, the U11A team in 2013/14, 2017/18 and 2019/20 season, winning the Lancing College Netball Tournament  2 years in a row and an U9A team who have only lost 1 match! Our U9 and U8s were very successful last year so there is a lot potential moving up the school. Our House Netball matches take place in the Lent term where the girls enjoy a competitive afternoon playing for their House.

The U13A team participated in the 2016 IAPS tournament at Roedean and finished as National Champions! Our U11A team also qualified for the IAPS National Finals in 2018 and won the Brighton College Pelican Netball Tournament 2018 in undefeated matches.

More recently, our 1sts won the U13 Lancing College Tournament in 2020 and were undefeated that year. Our U11s also proved themselves as strong contenders winning the majority of their matches and two tournaments and one runners up position that year too. Both teams would have had a very good chance of doing very well at IAPS if they had been allowed to compete but sadly Covid made it not safe to do so.

This year, we hope to emulate the success of previous years and we are planning to take part in the IAPS competition and other tournaments. It's great to be allowed to compete against other schools again. We've missed it! 

The St Christopher's girls tend to leave Year 8 loving Netball and lots of them play for outside clubs and go on to do very well. We have had a number of girls in the county team who went on to gain sports scholarships to their senior schools. 


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