Pastoral Care
We aim to create an environment where our children feel valued and secure so they can thrive and achieve to the best of their ability. We know that happy children learn best. By celebrating all successes, whether big or small, Pre Prep children are supported in developing positive self-esteem which in turn impacts their learning. We encourage them to develop a tolerance and sensitivity towards others so all children have a sense of belonging.
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Years 1& 2 are taught in two forms by the class teachers, each supported by a teaching assistant. The Year 1 classrooms open on to their own playground which is set up each morning to provide opportunities for the children to learn and explore. Whilst we follow the National Curriculum we generally teach beyond its parameters providing a rich learning experience supported a by a variety of trips such as visits to the beach, woods, Volks railway, mosque, park and Sealife Centre etc.
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Extra Curricular
After school care is provided in our After School Club which is based in the Year 1 classrooms and outside play area. There is no charge for this up until 4.30pm and a nominal charge from 4.30-5.30. Children may attend a variety of extra curricular activities run by teachers which are free of charge. These include such activities as - reading, colouring, Spanish, model building, dance, choir etc. There are also clubs offered by external instructors including ballet, tap, fencing, basketball, sailing, football; instructors charge for these sessions. The school office contact parents with information on all available clubs so that bookings can be made ahead of each term.

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