St Christopher's Prep is a Brighton College School in Hove.


Children are the future, and it is our mission at St Christopher’s Pre-Prep to create an environment where happy, polite, kind and curious children can flourish and achieve their full potential both in and outside the classroom. Emphasis is put on the close communication with parents which is so vital to ensuring a child’s full potential is realised and on establishing the family atmosphere which makes the St Christopher’s community such a special one.


Children’s well-being is fundamental to good learning. So, first we ensure that your child feels safe and secure and that he or she feels valued and cherished.  Children’s strengths are celebrated and weaknesses supported. Dedicated and well qualified teachers and teaching assistants and generous pupil-staff ratios ensure that we know and celebrate your child as an individual.


Here at St Christopher's teachers are committed to giving pupils every opportunity to learn and to develop within a happy, family school. The very strong foundations which form the bedrock of later learning are established enabling children to do better than anyone thought possible, to reach for higher things, in line with our school motto, altiora peto.


William Groves

Head of Pre-Prep

Published in Pre-Prep

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