House Tutors:  Mrs S Goodwin & Mr B Henderson
Head of House:  Charlotte J 8H

About Us:

The Anson Lions are represented by the colour yellow! The children compete with great enthusiasm in all the House competitions that take place throughout the year. Every Friday morning in assembly they look forward to hearing the announcement of House positions for the week to see how they have done.

The House is named after George Anson who was the First Lord of the Admirality of 1751. He captured many treasure ships in his time and is known as the Sea Captain who captured one of the largest prizes of £400,000.

The Lion represents the bravery and courage of all of those in Anson house.


The charity which Anson Lions support is Off The Fence. As a whole school we recently raised an enormous amount of money to go to wards supporting the fantastic work that they do: St Christopher's Prep Hove is fundraising for Off the Fence Trust Ltd (

Go Anson!

House Tutors: Mr Holt & Mrs Sykens
Head of House: Rafferty, 8H

Drake Badgers House is named after perhaps the most famous of British seafarers and the noblest of nocturnal animals. We are proud to wear the colour red on Sports Day and other inter House occasions. We were the winning House of 2018/19, beating Anson by only 7 House Points, and came a close second in 2019/20!

We are perhaps most proud of our fundraising achievements over the past few years, raising hundreds of pounds for charity through a variety of activities. We are proud to support The Rockinghorse Appeal, which raises money for the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, an establishment that has helped many of us and our families over the years. 

rocking horse placeholder image 


The Nelson House Team

Nelson is a vibrant, supportive and enthusiastic House and has a proud tradition of winning the House Shield. Nelsonites have a wide range of skills, from sporting prowess and artistic and musical talents to academic excellence and our House colour is green.

All the Houses support different local charities each year.

House Tutors: Mrs K McKinnon & Mrs V Ferruzzi-Balbi

Head of House: Lottie T 8F

pdfAssembly October 7th



House Tutors: Mr L Stead & Mrs J Griffiths
Head of House: Nat N 8H

Howe is a fantastic house to be part of - the children are hard working, enthusiastic and super talented!

In recent years we have won the House Dance Competition and the House Song Competition! - What a talented bunch we are! Well done to everyone for putting in so much effort to make both of these such excellent performances. Good luck in all the competitions coming up this year!

Keep the pluses and commendations coming in and keep up the good work supporting eachother across the school.

Last year we supported the Sussex Nightstop an excellent local charity who create and coordinate a community of volunteers who provide access to a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive place to stay for people who are homelessness or at risk of homelessness.
We raised lots of money for their amazing work! Super fundraising by members of Howe!


This year we are supporting: 
Leo House at Home

leo house

Leo House fund specific Leo House nurses, who care for life limited children in Sussex. The nurses operate as a part of the Chestnut Tree House community team, and have their own base in the Leo House office in Brighton. 

Each nurse has their own case load of about 20 families supporting them from the difficult time of diagnosis through to end of life and bereavement.

Leo House will assist in obtaining help and advice which will support the children, young people and their families according to their individual physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.


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