Monty, Viggo, Kate, and Vieve with the Ribbon Rainbow, made up of our community’s messages of thanks to the NHS.

The past school year has been very strange, and is one that hopefully will never be repeated but, as we near the end of the year, there is a lot to be excited about. Now that remote lessons and PE sessions in the garden are things of the past, we can all appreciate the normal things about school, like seeing our friends, sitting in the classroom together, playing in the playground, and getting back to matches against other schools.

We all have great, fun trips towards the end of the Summer Term, after all the hard work that everyone has done throughout the year. On Thursday, all of Year 8 finished their exams and now we have an amazing Leavers’ Programme planned for us, including the camping trip to Dorset this weekend and, after this, paintballing, kayaking, trampolining, volleyball at Yellowave and watersports at Hove Lagoon.

There are lots of things for every year to do and look forward to this summer, and soon we hope we will also have school Sports’ Day to enjoy as well. Next year when all the restrictions are lifted, school concerts and drama productions can return too. So as we approach the end of the school year and the Year 8s end their time at St Christopher’s, I hope that everyone is optimistic for the rest of the term and the next school year - whether at St Christopher’s or at their senior school.

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