Year 6 have, yes, a hair-raising time in Science with the new Van der Graaff generator.

It was super to see so many of our pupils, girls and boys, going off to play their cricket matches on Wednesday afternoon and even better to hear and see their excitement about their matches on return. There were excellent performances against BCPS, Handcross Park, Windlesham House and Roedean, reflecting just how strong the sport at St Christopher’s remains, despite such a long period without matches. Those who did not play in a match this week will have that opportunity soon.

This Newsletter gives a snapshot of the many different activities your children are enjoying, in and outside the classroom. An introduction to Politics and Economics for some of our Year 8 pupils, Buddhist lanterns for Year 5, Roman Day for Year 4 with military manoeuvres, beach volleyball for Year 7 and 8, and all sorts of stimulating lessons and fun for our youngest pupils.

I would like to commend the pupils in 8L who have continued their preparations for Common Entrance with great determination. Their efforts will no doubt pay ample dividends. They will want to do some revision over Half Term , but they should also have a good break.

The blue ensign of Howe Dolphins will fly over Half Term, and then we will recognise each pupil who has won a Scholarship to their senior school by flying the St Christopher’s flag for a day each in their honour. Kaia in 8L was awarded a Hurst Award (All Rounders ’ Scholarship ) last week, bringing the tally to ten, with more, no doubt, to come

I wish you all a sunny Half Term.

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