It was splendid to see Cricket Whites (and indeed dapper blazers) again this week. Present day photo by Deacon, 8H.

Last Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed watching an interview on the Andrew Marr Show of David Hockney, the great British artist, now aged 83. He is presently in Normandy working on an exhibition which captures the harmony of nature, taking the Bayeux Tapestry as an inspiration, but also the wonderful colours of a Normandy spring with all that blossom. In walks with my wife and dog that weekend I followed his advice to observe nature closely and could not help but wonder at the beauty of the countryside. Lime green leaves on the trees, bluebells in the woods and early blossom on the fruit trees need to be observed. This harmony is there for all to see in our city and we should take the time to really enjoy it.

I have, therefore, introduced a challenge for the children to draw, paint, write, or take photographs, illustrating the harmony of nature, the new life which spring brings. Any medium can be used but I hope that your children will wish to participate.

A number of images within this Newsletter show how your children have been making the most of lovely spring sunshine. I do hope that it continues over the weekend and that you are all able to really enjoy the pleasures of being outside at this time of year.

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