Reception have fun with their parachute down at Glebe Villas.

Bright blue skies, if slightly frosty mornings, have enabled us to ensure your children have had plenty of time outside this week and it has been good to see them enjoying their games sessions and activities with their friends. I Hope that it will not be too long before that great prep school tradition of Wednesday afternoon matches can resume. Our pupils have also started their classroom learning with great enthusiasm, judging by the purposeful approach I see on my walks around the school and on the hundreds of Commendations I signed and announced this morning.

Perhaps the source of greatest excitement this week has been the new House badges, which are being worn with great pride. It will not be long before the House flags, which are presently being produced, adorn our flagpole, visible for all to see which House won the weekly House Competition.

Today, the Union Jack is flying at half mast, to mark the life of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and remind us all of the values he represented – his sense of service, his loyalty and selflessness, and his fortitude provide a lesson to us all as Louis, our Head of School this term, reminded us so eloquently in his address to the school on Thursday morning.

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