Head of School Kaia made her start of term speech to the whole school on video.

Outstanding digital art portfolios, accurate Latin translation, brilliant conversions of decimals and fractions, thoughtful holiday book reviews, diaries, Computing projects, a wonderful house made of sweets, creative writing entries for the Year 7 book – such are examples of work that has been commended over a week when our pupils of all ages have settled incredibly well to remote learning. Within this Newsletter there is photographic evidence of the creative, the musical, the physical, the culinary, and much, much more. No doubt your children are trying things that are new, as their Head of School for the Lent Term advised in her excellent speech; no doubt they are enjoying old hobbies which provide a healthy balance away from screens. I have been very impressed by their purposeful approach and by their fortitude at a time when I know they would far prefer to be actually in school.

We are very pleased to have some children in school and I have been equally impressed by the way they have settled in a learning environment very different from the one with which they are more familiar.

It has been a most extraordinary start to the Lent Term and I would like to thank you as parents for supporting the teachers at St Christopher’s in their determination to ensure that learning remains joyful and interesting and that our pupils’ progress continues apace through these rather dark January days.

Last Friday, you should have a received a copy of the latest edition of The Seeker, our termly Newsletter.

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