The Headmaster and the Head of School lay the wreaths during our Virtual Remembrance Service.

Wednesday afforded the school the opportunity to join the nation in remembering those who made and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice, and enabled us all to remember how fortunate we are to live at a time and in a part of the world which has enjoyed 75 years of peace and relative prosperity. It was not always thus and, sadly, nor is it thus in some parts of the world today. It is also a time to be grateful to and for members of our armed services who give so much. I was very pleased that our pupils so embraced the day and gained so much from it, from the youngest who focused on the peace and love about which they sung, to the oldest who can consider the pity of war. 

A rich range of activities continues on Wednesday afternoons at a variety of venues and I am very pleased that your children continue to enjoy the co-curricular opportunities which give such balance to our curriculum. There are pictures within of them enjoying the autumnal sunshine with which we have been blessed this week. Commendations continue to flood in, and the recent 2nd Marks suggest that in the classroom diligent learning continues.

I wish that I could invite you into the school. You would see happy children enjoying their learning and the school life that is such an important part of childhood. Recent news has given the ray of hope which the nation needs and I am optimistic that the Lent Term will see a relaxation of restrictions.

I would like to wish those in our community who will celebrate Diwali tomorrow a happy and prosperous New Year. As with Christmas, celebrations will have to be different this year, but we will find ways to celebrate.

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