Undaunted by the rain and the wind this has been another very busy week in the life of your children. A full programme of fixtures, trips, and competitions has run alongside the day to day lessons which have primacy. The highlights of the week for me have been the Harvest Festival Service at St Peter’s Church and Open Morning this morning. Thursday’s service was a lovely event in which we all reflected on those many good things we have in a delightful setting. My thanks to Father Alexander for his very warm welcome and for his very apposite words about generosity. There was some splendid singing led by Schola Cantorum and it was lovely to see the confidence of our youngest children in their first public performance of the year.

I have just returned to my office after the wonderful experience of lunch with Year 1. The topics of conversation ranged from birthdays, to ten pin bowling to favourite animals, topics on which the two girls and four boys who dined with me seemed particularly expert. I was asked, ‘What it is like to be an adult?’ and ‘What is it like to be a Headmaster?’. Tricky questions, both. There was also plenty of excitement about tomorrow’s Fair at which I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow. My thanks again to the many who have given so much of their time in preparation and for the very generous donations for the Silent Auction.

As the end of the second week draws to a close, your children seem to be in very good spirits and to have settled well into term. The overwhelming impression I form from talking to pupils around the school is that they are excited to be at school, ready for the challenges of learning in the classroom, and keen to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The youngest have been introduced to their Buddies, the first sports fixture involved a huge number of children, and Choir and Drama rehearsals are up and running. The full programme of activities will follow in the week to come.

As the term gathers momentum, excitement begins to build amongst the pupils about the Autumn Fair,‘The Great ChristoFAIR’, which takes place on Saturday 21st September. I know that members of the Parents’ Association have already done a great deal of work and that all is beginning to take shape for the day. They do still need some help for the ‘Delights of the World’ food offering. Please do contact the PA if you feel you can help. I would be grateful if you would also remind your children that they can bring in filled jars from Monday, start sorting books and toys and games which they no longer use to bring in next week, and pop ‘a bottle of something’ on the shopping list to bring in next Friday for Own Clothes Day. I would like to thank many parents who have donated generously to the Silent Auction, the proceeds of which will go to the children’s charity, Fun in Action.

The Summer Concert and Leavers’ Valetes on Thursday evening was an occasion of great warmth and lovely celebration. The concert showcased the versatility and range of talents at the school and included a number of performances of great charm and pleasing confidence. My thanks to Miss Huber for putting together such an impressive collection of musical pieces. My thanks also to Mr Holt and Ms Laatz for the beautifully chosen words about their tutees which showed just how well they knew and understood the children. Above all, though, the occasion was about the children who are leaving the school who are the source of enormous pride to us all. Their parents have been hugely supportive and I am very grateful for that support.