French is fun. Reception children enjoy coming to the Languages Room for their weekly French session. They sing, learn finger rhymes and also play games. 

Year 1 continues to build on the vocabulary learnt in reception through a variety of interactive activities and Year 2 have the opportunity to use their skills at a local French restaurant. By Year 4 children are more confident to take part in role plays and enjoy taking part in "Le petit déjeuner Français" our lovely French breakfast.

After some initial revision at the beginning of the Michaelmas term, Year 5 continue to build on the language taught in Year 4 and have many opportunities to use their French in varying role plays and speaking activities. By Year 7, pupils are more proficient in languages and start preparing for their Common Entrance or Scholarship Examinations. Year 8 have varied activities in class - cooking in French, looking at French artists and learning about the francophone world.

There is also the opportunity for children to go for a week to Le Chateau du Broutel in Year 7 in the Somme region.

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