Year 4 perform Troy Story, based on Homer's epic tale

Year 4 perform Troy Story, based on Homer's epic tale

Children in the Pre Prep are introduced to the classical world with ancient history and mythology. Study of the Latin language begins in Year 4 and the Year 4 visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace helps to place their studies in context.

Year 5 start with a more structured approach using textbooks and Year 6 continue to build on the grammar and translation skills. Hercules, Perseus and Medusa and Jason and the Argonauts are some of the stories studied alongside the language learning.

Year 7 and Year 8 prepare for Scholarship or Common Entrance examination whilst continuing to study Greek mythology, with a particular emphasis on Homer with The Trojan War and Odysseus' travels.

Specific provision is made for pupils joining the school in Year 6 and Year 7 to enable them to catch up and enjoy learning Latin.

The broad aims of the department are:

  • to encourage pupils of ALL abilities that they can succeed in learning Latin;
  • to help pupils think in a logical and analytical way;
  • to make pupils aware of classical roots in English and the Romance languages;
  • to increase pupils’ knowledge of English grammar and their general word–power;
  • to foster an interest and to increase the awareness of the classical world around us;
  • to introduce pupils to the great myths of the Greek and Roman world.

Latin studies reinforce the children's understanding of the structure of the English language and particular emphasis is placed on English words derived from Latin, thereby expanding English vocabulary, as well as complementing their studies of French. 

Click here for the ISEB Classics Syllabus:Classics_CE_Syllabus.pdf

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